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Since novembre 1 2013 we started up as new national/international parts distributor.  We operate via 8 fysical locations in the east of Belgium and Luxemburg.
At the same moment we opened the first (and stil only) partsshop under the TRP label.  This is located in Houthalen Limburg and is the main location for the T.T.Parts activities in general.
We have 7 parts sales men on the road daily and have our local deliverieservices in place at every location.  
We can offer you parts of all makes, trailers, etc. and also a wide range of workshop consumption parts. Besides the main parts makes, T.T. parts also offers a wide range of TRP original parts.
TRP parts are knows as parts of good quality against attractive competitif prices.  A package of more than 70.000 articles offers a solution to almost every problem.
We target selfreparing fleets, small all makes workshops and parts distrutors in Belgium and Luxemburg, but also in different parts of the world via our export department.

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